I went to a maintenance job in North Adelaide today after a fairly rountine one in Malvern. I was in awe of the very old buildings, architecture and grandure of the place, it took be right back to my time in England. However, i quickly started to pick out th issues witht he two small solar systems I was there to clean and assess. Many of the common faults were apparent, non compliance with standards AS 4777 and AS5033 at the time of installation and I thought this has to be one of those 'sold by satellite' systems, and installed by interstate bandits.

The key workmanship issues I found were non compliance, wrong cable ties (PVC used nearly a year after they were banned), earthing incomplete (a full 3 years after that was mandated) and the use of different brand plugs mated (12 months after that was inscribed). I was quite astounded by these simple errors such a long time after the rules had changed. A worker on site said a 'bunch of young guys' installed it and that he wasn't impressed.

I completed the black list and the owner came back and we began discussing the issues. I asked him about the sales process he went through and was astounded to hear of the 6 he contacted only 3 came out to site. Of these 3, one said it was too hard, second wasn't interested and gave a donkey quote, the third, from reptuatle company Venergy said we can do it. It was an unusual installtion it has to be said, but the point is that this guy was left with just one resonably sensible opinion on this challenging project! It was not a very good opinion at that, chronic shade issues have not assessed where the use of Mirco Inverters or Optimisers would have given a much greater output than the string inverters used (at least they were SMA).

From that I came to the installation issues. I e-mailed the panel manufacturer to ask for the installation manual. Do you know how many installers read these? I would guess from what I have seen about 1 in 100! Turns out the panels haven't been installed as per manual, what a surprise. So where from here? The customer will be hoping the installation issues will be remedied by the sales company, they have a good guarantee.

I hope now that many of the industry fly by night companies have folded or otherwise evaporated, we will see and improvement in the overall sales standards and understanding of what products are out there the market to improve customer yield. In turn we should also see a vast improvement in the workmanship of 'expert installers' out there!


Solar Maintenance Name and Shame Gallery.

New for 2015, they did it, we will expose it!



  • Our experiences auditing and cleaning solar systems continues to throw up a surprises that have the potential to become serious issues.  Read Having a Cracking Time a learn more about these issues (Jan 2015)


  • Is your Solar System a ticking time bomb?? A fire that was started by a faulty solar panel component in north Rockhampton this week has raised safety concerns in some quarters. Get your system checked by SolarCare now, Adelaides only true solar experts. Read more here: ( Nov 2014)


  • Heres a long term investment tip for you to consider: Don't put all your eggs in the coal basket! Citigroup says the impact of the China-US climate deal signed earlier this month could total $US3.9 trillion ($A4.5 trillion) – that’s the loss in revenue for Big Oil and Big Coal over the next 15 years from the joint undertaking on greenhouse gas emissions by the world’s two biggest economies. Companies that are over exposed to Coal will start to struggle: Read more here ( Nov 2014) 


  • AGL are at it again! “AGL’s report is the latest attack on solar from the big power companies who stand to make a $70 billion windfall if the Renewable Energy Target is scrapped,” O’Rourke said. Showing their true colours? You be the judge: They don't get it, as many will leave the grid once cost come down of smart storage solutions. Why would you want to be dealing with a company like this if you don't have to in the future? Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Top Ten panel manufacturers of 2014 : Yingli tops the list. Solarspot has always specified Yingli panels as they are of high quality and performance. Read more here (  Nov 2014)


  • Australia’s major utilities are being advised they need to give fair treatment to local energy generation – such as rooftop solar and battery storage – if they are to avoid the so-called death spiral that threatens their business models. Will this mean that they actually will? many of our customers are chomping at the bit for prices to come down with storage so they can give their retailers and the utilities the flick. Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Exposing the power grids lobbys 5 mistakes on grid disconnection : The power network lobby has moved into defensive mode with a new report titled, 'Value of a Grid Connection to Distributed Generation Customers' as it dawns on its members that millions of customers might choose stand-alone solar and storage over a grid connection in the near future (collectively reducing our dependence on the grid). See what you think! Read more here ( Nov 2014 )


  • Solar and Storage : How Australian Utilities are preparing or are they? Or are the AGL'S of the world just playing lip service to us so they keep their customers a little bit longer?? It’s the big question facing energy utilities around the world: How quickly will rooftop solar and battery storage change the nature of the energy market, and how long can those who currently dominate the market hold on to the their incumbent business models? Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Trina sets new records for panel efficiencies: New conversion efficiency world records for high-efficiency p-type and n-type silicon solar cells were recently set by researchers at Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China, according to recent reports. Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Is Abbott a complete fool? Are his policies all 'hot air, so to speak' ? well two of the most powerful leaders in the world seem to think so! America and China agree, Abbott does not, what a complete moron huh? Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Yingli kicking goals in Bolivia. Solarspot specifies Yingli panels on many a solar energy system design. Our customers are very happy with the Yingli product. Read more here ( Nov 2014 )


  • Solar Energy tops the list as most popular energy source: Solarspot can help you investigate the advantages of solar pv energy system to reduce your energy costs: Read more here ( Nov 2104)


  • Sunpower Boss predicts that the solar industry will grow to a 5 trillion dollar market very quickly: Solarspot uses Sunpower products in designs of high performing solar energy systems here in Adelaide: Read more here (Nov 2014) 


  • Residential solar energy systems and battery storage market to grow 10 fold in the next couple of years. Investing in a quality solar energy system from Solarspot makes great finacial sense over the short term and long term. : Read more ( Nov 2014) 


  • Not only are some solar companies systems not that good as with their customer service also being questionable , their advertising also gets taken off the air, we all have moral responsibilities for the information that we put out : Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Sunpower , another high quality product that Solarspot uses in high end solar energy designs performing strongly in the financial year: Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Latest Yingli news - Quality company with Quality products investing in the long term, thats why Solarspot uses Yingli products in the design of high quality solar energy systems: Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • Important to make sure your solar system is working at its best if you are going for battery storage!  Arena to help fund study by AGL in relation to battery storage and the grid: Wow....its about time as more and more customers are just chomping at the bit to get off the grid with battery storage. It may just save AGL some customers in the future.who knows?? Read more here ( Nov 2014)


  • The consumer watchdog says safety issues with Infinity electrical cables could arise as early as 2016, with a fresh round of recalls to begin today. Was your solar energy system wired with cheap cable??Read more here: ACCC warns of cable issues ( Nov 2014)


  • This is the time of year to get your solar energy system checked and cleaned for the up and coming summer months. As many solar companies have gone bust, we are being engaged more and more to inspect and retify sub standard installations for customers who have nobody to turn to. Contact us for a quote on a maintenance and cleaning service for your system.  Issues of concern are fautly isolators, faulty cable connections and cheap panel contruction. All of which may cause hot spots and possible fires. 


  • IPCC Report - John Kerry champions exisiting clean energy technologies to combat climate change: The report used 31 modelling teams analysing 1,200 scenarios from a wealth of scientific literature. The climate science is “unambiguous” said Kerry. Shame our Liberal government cant grasp this valuable information: Read more here: ( April 2014) 


  • The World should urgently invest in Renewable Energy: a major UN scientific report released [yesterday] that the world should more than triple investments in sustainable, safe low-carbon energy sources as the main measure to mitigate climate change. Read more here: ( April 2014)


  • World Solar Power capacity increases by 35% in 2013: Read more here: ( April 2014)  


  • Clean Energy Trends 2014: Some interesting trends to come : 
  1. Enlightened utilities begin to embrace distributed energy assets
  2. Cities lead climate charge by focusing on regional carbon reduction
  3. Net zero energy buildings gain ground
  4. Internet-enabled clean-tech start ups define a new sector
  5. Vertical farming sprouts in cities around the world                Read more here: ( April 2014)


  • Top Ten inverter manufacturers 2013: SMA and ABB Powerone lead the way: Solarspot stick with these two when designing solar energy systems due to the efficiency and reliability standards being so high: Read more here: ( April 2014) 


  • First Solar point the finger at the Australian Government as it reconsiders $100 mill of projects due to the Governments lack of direction on its polices relating to Sustainable Energy: Read more here: ( April 2014) 


  • Global solar dominance in sight as science trumps fossil fuels : Solar power will slowly squeeze the revenues of perto- rentier regimes in Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. They will have to find a new business model, or fade into decline: Read more here:( April 2014) 


  • German Renewable Electricity Consumption hits record high 25.4 percent in 2013: Read more here: ( April 2014)  



  • Rooftop solar may be the sleeping giant of Australian politics: The Greens have launched a new campaign to make rooftop solar a key election issue in the Victorian state poll later this year, describing it as a potential “sleeping giant” in Australian politics: Read more here: ( April 2014)



  • Yingli retains top spot: Yingli Green Energy, the global leader in crystalline module manufacturing in 2012, has retained its top position in 2013 after producing 9.4% of the world’s crystalline modules in the same year, according to new figures released by research and consulting firm GlobalData. Read more here: (April 2014)



  • UK Solar strategy favours Commercial roof tops instead of solar farms: Is it a strategy that could work for Australia? Read more here: ( April 10th 2014)


  • RWE, the German utility known for its reliance on large lignite, coal and nuclear power stations, and its high CO2 emissions, is undergoing a fundamental transformation. RWE will put solar panels on your roof, a battery in your shed, a heat pump in your cellar, and we will also manage this complex energy system for you. Read more here: ( April 2014)


  • Arvizu: Why the current energy system is unsustainable: But he notes, it is important that the new model be integrated with the old, in other words, the best of distributed generation must be merged with the best bits of the old centralized model. Read more here: (April 2014)


  • Japan launched new campaign to fight climate change: Reports said the IPCC will stress that the Earths warming trend is almost certainly caused by humans, but that it can still be eased if steps are taken by all of us: Do your part, invest in a solar energy system to reduce your carbon footprint. Read more here: (April 2014)


  • Apple, Facebook, Google Web Data Centers getting Greener: Read more here: (April 2014)


  • Energy Efficiency Programs a big factor in reduction of electricity consumption:  “The hypothesis is that the political attention being paid to electricity prices led consumers to pay more attention than they had previously done to their expenditure on electricity: Read more here: (April 2014)


  • Ex White house Advisor rebukes Australia on climate policy: One of the US President Barack Obama’s key advisors on climate change has lambasted Australia for its backflip on climate change policies and its decision to not send a minister to key international climate talks last year.  Read more here: (April 2014)


  • Australia's lousy energy production: Why is lags the world: He says that much of the $45 billion invested in network infrastructure over the last five years could have been avoided if utilities had “properly understood” customer needs. This would have resulted in lower consumer energy billsRead more here: (April 2014)


  • Climate Programs do work: Starting to pay off in California: Read more here: 


  • Solar Energy is the Mother Load: The Sun is the Mother of our gigantic energy supplies: Read more here:


  • Solar Power Advantages: Investing in solar will save you lots of money: Read more here:


  • The New 400ppm World: The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million for the first time in human history at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii in May last year. That same level has been reached again in the last few days. Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in air is very very real: Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Why the fossil fuel industry wants us to ignore the risks:The report, released in Japan today following years of work and review by several thousand scientists, and a huge influx – a near doubling – of new evidence, introduces a new element to the way the issues is addressed: the management of risk.  Read more here:  ( March 2014)


  • The Great Australian Electricity Rip Off: The Australian public is being duped and constantly lied to on a monumental scale when it come to electricity: Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Latest news flash: Important: Beware of discount companies with rock bottom pricing: they wont be around for the long term: Read more here:  ( March 2014)


  • Panel reliability more important than cost say solar customers: Beware of buying cheap and nasty as they will have reliability issues: Choose wisely: Ask us about quality products. Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Citigroup says " The Age of Renewables Has Begun" :saying that solar and wind energy are getting competitive with natural gas peaking and baseload plants : Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Honda Smart home , the way of the future: Honda has built a demonstration smart home in California that promises to generate more energy than its occupants will use. Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • ExxonMobil acknowledges climate change to shareholders: “The largest companies in the world are taking a more active, aggressive role than ever in wanting to profit from clean energy,” said Dallas Kachan in an interview earlier this year. Maybe sometime not too far away, we will all be taking our EVs to the ExxonMobil solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations. Do your part to reduce climate warming, invest in solar energy ,talk to us now: Read more here: ( March 2014)



  • Building the electricity system of the future: Innovative energy solutions will proliferateRead more here: (March 2014)


  • Are Australian solar households getting ripped off by the Utilities and Retailers?  Households in Australia adding solar PV arrays to their rooftops have an important question to ask themselves: Are they getting a fair deal from their local utility for the solar power that they export back to the grid? Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Its about an energy reduction strategy and not about feed in tariffs now for new entrants into the solar market: Get used to that.  Almost five million Australians have benefited from policies that support solar energy. They responded in droves to incentives, installed 3GW of rooftop solar and invested billions of dollars in an unprecedented public investment in distributed generation. Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Google launches worlds largest solar energy project: Ivanpah Solar Electric: Google has invested more than $1 billion in renewable energy, including $400 million in the last year alone, with a particular focus on solar. Their latest effort is a $168 million investment in the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating StationRead more here: ( March 2014)


  • Network Operator in South Australia says solar systems helped shift peak demand during the hot weather: Solar Energy systems are the best investment to reduce your costs. The operator of South Australia’s electricity distribution network says rooftop solar PV played important role in protecting networks in recent heatwave and has shifted the peak of demand by several hours into the early evening. Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Yingli completes 1MW World Cup Solar installation:  Chinese solar giants Yingli Green Energy has supplied 1 MW of solar panels for a PV installation at the Arena Pernambuco in Brazil, site of at least five 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer matches this summer. Read more: ( March 2014)


  • Minister says solar has a strong outlook: “Solar technology is providing households with greater autonomy in managing their energy needs and is helping reduce our State’s reliance on traditional energy sources. Read more here: 


  • Climate risks as certain as smoking causes lung cancer:  US scientists say evidence the world is warming is as conclusive as the link between smoking and lung cancer - marking an unusual policy intervention from academia. Read more here:


  • Market Decides Bigger Solar is better: Based on falling equipment costs and the rising costs of electricity bills: Shrinking cost differentials have made bigger systems more tempting for customers, meaning the fall away of feed-in tariffs is not translating to a system size retreat. In fact the average system is up almost a kilowatt on last year. Read more here:


  • Carbon Crash - Solar Dawn - its coming so don't be fooled: I think it’s time to call it. Renewables and associated storage, transport and digital technologies are so rapidly disrupting whole industries’ business models they are pushing the fossil fuel industry towards inevitable collapse. Read more here: 


  • Yingli - We support and sell Yingli - Financial results released today reveal the solar company increased its shipments by 40.8% last year, cementing its place as the world's leading module supplier. Read more here: 


  • When will Utilities admit the game is up: History is littered with companies and business strategies who refused to embrace technologies and thus are no longer with us: As an essential service, a death-spiral seems implausible. However, there is clearly a need to move on from the old game of simply selling more electrons. Get with the program, clean energy, solar energy, reduce burning fossil fuels: Read more here: ( March 2014)


  • Japan has followed in the footsteps of Germany and the US and launched a new subsidy program designed to support the installation of lithium-ion battery-based stationary storage systems. Read more here: (March 2014)


  • Second Chinese company has shares suspendedTrading in panel maker Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electrical's shares has been suspended after the company reported back-to-back annual losses. A domino effect could be about to kick in in the Chinese solar sector. Read more here: 


  • Utility increasingly turning to renewables in WA:WA utility Horizon Power, which supplies the cities and towns outside of the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), is currently in the process of restructuring its operations to reduce the subsidy it is paid by the state government and is turning to distributed generation and storage as one of the key ways in doing so. Read more here: 


  • 14 Things we have learned but the Abbott Government refuses to understand: Read more here:


  • Enel to shift to renewables, emerging markets : Very clever move: Enel, Italy's biggest utility, said on Wednesday it will slash costs at home and focus new investments on emerging markets and renewable energy as its earnings are weighed down by ongoing weakness on its core European markets. Read more here:


  • E.ON cuts dividend, closes plants: This is a sign of the changing landscape for Utilities globally: When the old Utility business model does not work anymore it may pay to look at changing it and quickly:E.ON, Germany's biggest utility, on Wednesday proposed nearly halving its dividend for 2013 and said it would shut more than a quarter of its power plants in Europe in response to a rise in renewables that has rattled utilities across the continent. Read more here: 


  • Don't hold your breath for a coherent energy policy: Whats a given is energy prices will keep rising: Call us to discuss a solar energy system to beat your rising costs now:  Read more here: 


  • Utilities be warned - Silicon Valley is coming after you: Nahi’s message was simple – the power companies can either jump on board the household solar revolution or get blown away, just as Silicon Valley has vanquished plenty of other previously dominant  but too slow incumbents. Read more here:


  • Poll: 75% of US Homeowners Say Utilities Shouldn’t Block Solar : The survey found that 75 percent of U.S. homeowners opposed utilities limiting their access to alternative sources of electricity. It also showed that 73 percent of homeowners will buy solar from utilities that sell it -- but they will buy it from other energy providers as well: Read more here:


  • Will Google and Nest Make Power Companies More Innovative ? : Read more here: Google’s move combines the world’s most powerful marketing company with some of the world’s best product designers -- Nest’s co-founders are former Apple iGeniuses -- to shake up an industry that’s long struggled with marketing, consumer trust and user-friendly design. For utilities, the Google/Nest combination represents a promising inflection point on multiple levels.


  • Solar Panels Used Most By Lower-Than-Average-Income Households In Western Australia: Reducing your energy costs makes sense: Read more here: 


  • Solar’s Impact & Energy Demand Reductions Continuously Shock Australian Energy Experts: What is shocking to us is that these experts don't quite understand that if you continually put prices up on electricity and also deny that Solar Energy Technologies actually work then people will look for alternatives, like Solar Energy solutions and reducing their consumption...go figure: The South Australian network distributor recently reported, for instance, that household consumption had fallen 5.7 per cent in the latest year, despite an increase in population. EnergyAustralia reported an “unprecedented” fall in demand as it reported massive losses and the write downs in the valuations of several key generation assets. Read more here :


  • Recent European Solar Announcements Are Good News for the Solar Industry:To say that the European solar manufacturing industry has suffered some setbacks over the past few years would be an understatement. A glut of Chinese-made panels flooded the market in 2010, driving solar module prices to record lows and driving dozens of European and North American solar PV manufacturers out of business. Read more here: 


  • Google Reaps Tax Breaks in $1.4 Billion Renewable Energy Bet: Google has funded since 2010 as part of a more than $1.4 billion investment in clean power production. That makes the Internet search giant the biggest backer of U.S. alternative energy projects over that stretch, excluding financial institutions and utilities, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Read more here: 


  • Richard Branson tells businesses to make a stand against climate change deniers: Branson said that businesses should take a stand against climate scepticism. "More businesses should be following Apple's stance in encouraging more investment in sustainability. While Tim [Cook] told sustainability sceptics to 'get out of our stock', I would urge climate change deniers to get out of our way," he said. Read more here: 



  • Google investing more than $1 billion in alternative energy: Around one-third of Google’s operations are made possible by renewable power, but the Silicon Valley giant is gunning to become completely reliant on resources like wind and the sun. Now that's a smart company, we should all be following Google's lead : Read more here: 


  • Solar power booms as cranky customers choose change: ''People have twigged that electricity bills are going to keep going up for some time, and they've also worked out that the sun is going to come up tomorrow,'' Read more here:



  • Global solar installs 'hit 37GW'  World solar installations in 2013 hit 37GW, according to the latest data from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, PV-Tech reports. Read more here: 



  • The slow death of Europe’s utility icon: Read more here: Perhaps surprisingly, RWE’s downfall is not all its own fault. To a large degree, the company has fallen victim to Germany’s dramatic energy policy shifts of the past decade. With its arsenal of fossil fuel and nuclear power stations, RWE simply cannot compete against politically favoured renewable energies.


  • The Future of Large German Utilities: It’s Already Here : will our Utilities get with the program: Read more here: 


  • Three million sleep under solar rooftops: Control your household power bills, call us now:  solar's popularity growing despite recent cuts to feed-in tariffs, with the study finding  the main driver for people to go solar was "wanting to control their household power costs, followed by wanting to do something for the environment". Read more here:


  • Canadian Solar, Chaori Cast Cloud On Solar Shares: Be mindful of which equipment you buy as 2014 will be a consolidation of the global solar industry with many smaller players going bankrupt: Read more here: Bottom line: Shares of major solar panel makers are set for a correction this year after a 2013 rally and as their growth slows, while smaller players are likely to face a growing cash crunch. 


  • US Solar Market Grew 41%, Had Record Year in 2013 - If its good enough for America, what about Australia?  “Today, solar is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in America, generating enough clean, reliable and affordable electricity to power more than 2.2 million homes -- and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of our industry’s enormous potential,” said Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEO Rhone Resch. Read more here:


  • Making Hay: More Australians taking a shine to solar panels at home: “With utilities costs tipped to stretch household budgets even further over the next few years, this trend in solar panels ownership is likely to continue. Read more here:


  • Visualising Australia’s carbon emissions:  Understanding a global phenomenon progressing at a year-by-year rate is difficult but there are tricks to help illustrate what's actually happening to our atmosphere. Invest in a solar energy system to do your part:  Read more here:



  • Solar a third of new US power capacity: Solar now represents a major player in the US in terms of newly installed power generation capacity.  It was second only to gas in 2013 making up 29% of new capacity installed and Solar now represents a major player in the US in terms of newly installed power generation capacity. : Read more here:



  •  Australian solar PV deception harms industry: Be careful who you buy from: In newspapers right around the country, prominent corrective advertising is continuing to appear informing consumers that solar panels advertised and sold as “Australian” were not Australian at all.The advertisements were placed as a result of a ruling by the Federal Court, after a prosecution of the companies behind the Australian Solar Panel and Euro Solar brands, lead by the ACCC. Read more here


  • Falling Energy Demand Impacts One Of Australia’s Biggest Utilities The results put in context the implacable opposition that EnergyAustralia has to the renewable energy target, which it wants halted in its tracks in the current review commissioned by the Abbott government.Read more here:


  • Utility Insiders See Major Changes Coming Utility insiders see the industry changing considerably over the coming decade, with a particular focus on greening the grid. Read more here:  


  • Facebook eyes solar-powered drones: Effort could help advance Facebook's Internet.org effort, aimed at connecting billions of people in developing countries. Read more here: 


  •  ACT plans vast expansion in renewable energy: The ACT government will vastly expand its commitment to solar, wind and other renewable energy projects, building on solar farms already in train near Tuggeranong, Uriarra and Mugga Lane. Read more here:


  •  Tesla’s Giga Battery Factory Threatens the Auto, Utility and Building Controls MarketsTesla’s Giga factory aims to reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries by 30 percent in three years and 50 percent by 2020. This big, bold move invites historical comparison. Read the full story here:



  • IEA finds that integration of renewables into electricity grids can be done at little cost. Read more here:  


  • This Is What the Utility Death Spiral Looks Like (March 2013) It's a real-world example of the "death spiral" that the industry has so far only considered in theory: as grid maintenance costs go up and the capital cost of renewable energy moves down, more customers will be encouraged to leave the grid. In turn, that pushes grid costs even higher for the remainder of customers, who then have even more incentive to become self-sufficient. Meanwhile, utilities are stuck with a growing pile of stranded assets. Read more here:


  •  The Rise of Distributed Generation Threatens Utilities (March 2014) In the late 1980s, the band R.E.M. achieved pop music fame by claiming, it's the end of the world as we know it. Utilities should heed their warning. Distributed generation (DG) could be the end of utilities as we know them today. Or, as we at Morningstar like to say, DG could destroy utilities' economic moats. Read more here: 


  • Scientists working on 'next generation' solar energy cells ( March 2014) Welsh scientists are working on developing the 'next generation' of solar energy cells which will be cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than current versions. See full story here:



  • Power bill reform needs a switch in time (March 2014) Tariffs based on capacity rather than consumption are likely to be the more efficient solutions over the long term. Ultimately, the approach may differ in various parts of the country, depending on variations in climate and availability of alternative energy sources such as reticulated gas.” The Australian Energy Regulator sums up the driver for all this: “reducing the need to build networks to cater for a relatively small number of peak periods per year.” Read full story here:


  • 5 reasons solar's win over gas is only the start (March 2014)  Solar advocates were popping corks when a New Year’s Eve ruling by an administrative law judge in the US state of Minnesota said that distributed solar arrays were a more cost-effective resource than natural gas to meet Xcel Energy’s peak power needs.  Read full story here:



  • EU utilities 'paying the price' for renewables snub Analysts estimate the utilities need to shut down about 50 GW of fossil fuel capacity by 2017 if they want to maintain even their diminished 2012 profit levels."Utilities have invested large amounts," the report said. "But instead of using these resources to fund a genuine change of business model, they have done the opposite."


  • Opinion: Critics of Renewable Energy Target policy in denial (Feb 2014) That's what the debate over the Renewable Energy Target really boils down to: a choice over our energy and economic future. Either we keep developing clean energy sources, where the fuel is free, or we switch to controversial sources like coal seam gas that divide communities and pitch manufacturers against local and international consumers in a bidding war for the fuel. Read more here 


  • Survival of the Fittest in China's Renewable Energy Market ( Feb 2014) “The weaker companies are being weeded out,” said Charles Yonts, a Hong Kong-based analyst at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. “The government is going to pick the winners and could force them to take the assets of the others.”  So be very wary of who and what you are buying in relation to imported equipment. Check out the rest of the article here 


  • RET Review : Solar industry experts are united in lobbying the federal government and the RET review panel when it comes to illustrating the true positive value solar PV has had on the electricity supply network and any move to remove or alter the RET will be counter productive in reducing energy bills. The incumbent utilities have to change their business models and get used to lower revenues not lobby the government to protect their own bottom lines. Check out: The Australian Solar Council









  • Read up on international daily solar energy news HERE:


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