SolarCare Australia are cleaning and maintenance specialists based in Adelaide, SA. Opening in 2011, Jason started SolarCare to focus on the growing issues everyday people face when ensuring the solar system investment is do what it should, paying them back! Our 53 point check is designed to give you an accurate record of your systems condition and you will be able to ask all the questions you don't have not been answered by your solar provider.

SolarCare advantages are:

  • Use of up-to-date technology like thermography, similar to those cameras used by police to catch crooks at night, just we use them to expose dodgy products and workmanship.
  • Our old fashioned time served electricians possess expert knowledge of photovoltaics, giving us un-rivalled understanding of how standards have changed. Because we also design and install a wide variety of solar systems, we understand how they work in great detail. This means that, no matter which system you have installed, we can not only make sure it is performing at its best, but we can also point out any potential issues.
  • We actually get onto the roof to clean the panels, why? It means we visually inspect every panel for faults and workmanship issues, reporting them back to you. The only problem arises when it rains, we can't get up there!
  • Solar Care is a family owned company run by Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers & designers. When you use us you help to support locals and our community not interstate shareholders.

Important: Be aware that Insurance companies are starting to ask more and more customers for proof that the Solar Energy system has been maintained and is compliant with current standards as not to cause any issues.